The Brownridge Animals


The Brownridge Animals

From April till November in the fields at Brownridge you will see sheep and cattle grazing; you will probably meet a further selection of animals on a more personal basis.
For many years there have been donkeys here. Sadly Jenny,pictured here,and the last one, died in September. I still have Custard, an arthritic Exmoor pony who got on very well with Jenny. She's not so keen on her new companion, a Welsh pony called Sunsprite. Known as the two Fat Ladies, they bicker over food and get very cross with each other.Harry, the huge white horse in the photograph, is no longer here. He could jump five-barred gates - but that's another story.

You will also meet Juno, a black labrador who is full of enthusiasm for everyone and everything always excepting a recent addition, a black and white stray cat called Hodge. He is a fine cat, a very fine cat indeed, but she is terrified of him.

There are also some very handsome Black Rock hens. Unfortunately the fox thought so too - and now there are only five left. But I hope to get more hens soon.

You will hear pheasants and owls, possibly see a weasel or two and perhaps the resident toad . And if you see swallows swooping low as dusk melts into darkness - they're probably bats.

Sometimes we see red deer and always, in the winter months, wild geese (generally greylags) drop down to graze in the empty fields.

Come and see!



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